photo by Andie Parton

   Catalogue of Gregory Borton’s works:

Op. 1: Lyric Piece in E flat Major
Op. 1a: Verison for Violin & Piano in D Major
Op. 2: Sinfonia Fantasia in C minor
                1st movement (Allegro) LISTEN
                2nd movement (Adagio) LISTEN
Op. 3: Cantata: “Behold The Lamb Of God” in G minor
                1st movement Sinfonia (Largo)
                2nd movement (Air) LISTEN
Op. 4: Rondo for Trumpet, Oboe and Orchestra in D Major
                3rd movement (Ronda Allegro) LISTEN
Op. 5: Trio in E minor
                1st movement (Largo) LISTEN
Op. 6: Passacaglia in C minor
Op. 7: Piano Concerto in G minor
                1st movement (Allegro)
Op. 8: Concerto “Sturm Und Drang” for Pianoforte in C minor
Op. 9: Two Impromptus for Pianoforte
Op. 9a Moderato in A minor LISTEN
Op. 9b Vivace in D minor
Op. 10: “Le Pont Mirabeau” Art song in E flat Major


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